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July 29, 2019 / By alasyaconstruction

There are many names in the market for Stucco Contractors GTA. Finding the right contractor according to your needs is crucial. The team at ALASYA CONSTRUCTION  has worked on several stucco projects and has always met the client’s expectations. Hiring the right and reliable stucco contractors involve several factors like honesty, integrity, experience, reputation, teamwork and workmanship. These factors are the core qualities you can find in a reputable stucco service provider. Here are some important things which you need to check before you hire a stucco contractor.

Do a thorough check on the past projects

To know how efficient a stucco service provider is you need to check on their past projects how they have been. Especially you can check on the similar project to yours, they have completed in the past how was the feedback of the client on that. Check which type of material they are going to use. Make sure to check how long they have been in the business in order to know how experienced they are.

Take your time in deciding whom to hire

While you are in search of hiring the right and reliable stucco contractor make sure that you take your time and then take the final decision. Contractors who might be too eager and pushing you to sign the contract that’s a big red flag and you must not sign that contract or hire that specific stucco contractor.

Do your research

Before initiating your project take your time and do the research on the products to be used in your project. What will be the pros and cons of them? Make sure to ask the relevant questions from your contractor so that you can make the right decision in selecting the right product. Beware of the contractor who might be delivering you cheap services, most of the times the reason behind cheap services are low quality products.

Settle down the payment

Once you have decided to hire specific contractor for you stucco project make sure to settle down the payment with him. Ensure that the details and quotation that you receive from your contractor should be in written form. Different contractors have different payment plans if they ask for a percentage from the total payment to initiate the work make sure that is being made formally on the name of the company with proof. The final and last payment should always be done when the work is completed and acquires your satisfaction.


Check for license and insurance

While hiring the stucco services make sure that they have the proper license and insurance. In worse case scenarios if anything goes wrong to the property or even to one of the worker they should have the insurance to cover up the expenses incurred by the damage done.

Everything should be documented

Make sure that your stucco contractor has documented the requirements and needs for the project. So it can act as a proof in the future if anything goes wrong.

These were some of the important factors which you should keep in mind while hiring the right stucco contractor.

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