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Parging is the layer of mortar that is applied to foundation walls to give it a smoother finish. Often times, the foundation will crack, crumble, or decay due to water absorption. Water soaks in to the parging, then expands as it freezes, thus cracking the surface. This can be significantly reduced if proper parging material is applied and avoided for a very long time if acrylic stucco or cork is applied over it.


Our stone masonry involves both full bed stones and thin masonry. Over the years, we have capitalized on thin masonry as it can be applied on any surface and does not require any structural support. We have and continue to work with leading stone suppliers like Arriscraft, Permacon, and Stone Selex, among others.

Stucco – EIFS

Most people use stucco and Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems (EIFS) interchangeably, but the correct terminology is EIFS. This is an insulated finishing system with a textured and coloured finish. It has exceptional Thermal Resistance Value (R-Value) and various thicknesses of insulation could you be used depending on the type and style of project.


Over the past 12 years we have been providing services outside of the Greater Toronto Area. We have expanded our operations to Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. Other than residential projects, we have included commercial projects as well. We have been offering paneling services from AL13, Exterior Insulated Finishing System (EIFS), thin masonry, and painting services.


It is exceptionally important to choose the right material, the right quality, and the right workmanship. We offer absolutely the best workmanship and with our free consulting service we guarantee optimum results.


For the past 18 years we have been over painting services. From spray painting underground parking garages, to painting schools and recreational centres, and plazas. We have a team of highly qualified skilled painters. For most of our exterior projects we offer elastomeric paints to reduce cracks and crumbling due to harsh winter conditions.

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