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The team at ALASYA CONSTRUCTION is professional and provides a wide range of Home Renovations Toronto, services. Our team is fully licensed and insured. We have the experience and expertise to work on any size of residential renovation project big or small. Providing a wide range of remodeling services we can cover all your needs and requirements.

ALASYA CONSTRUCTION is a family-owned Canadian company established over two decades ago in Toronto, Ontario. We pride ourselves on our commitment to professionalism, punctuality, and perseverance. Home renovation and remodeling could be intimidating to homeowners. We can help, if you are planning to update the look of your space with a small renovation budget. Our team of renovation contractors makes things easy and less stressful for our clients.  If you want to change the structure of your house to improve the functionality and energy efficiency our team can cater to your needs.

We are Your Right choice:

Our team of ALASYA CONSTRUCTION is the right choice for you. The success of any renovation or improvement project depends on when a project is handled with the right approach from the beginning.

Our team of renovation contractors; even with the estimates are cautious and careful. The projects what we have completed in the past are residential renovation and remodeling, historic restoration and preservation services. ALASYA CONSTRUCTION provides best home renovations Toronto if you are in need of remodeling, renovation or even restoration.

home renovations Toronto

We do Provide Sustainable Solutions

We do offer energy efficiency remodeling and green building services. The projects that our team has worked on do range in size, type and complexity.  As per the client’s needs, we make sure to use high-quality raw materials providing sustainability. We use innovative construction methods for energy efficiency.


ALASYA CONSTRUCTION has a professional and skilled team of home renovations Toronto, contractors. Our team has made a soundtrack and record of high professional standards in remodeling and restoration

Having extensive experience of more than two decades we have expanded our team and made our reputation in the market. We are among one of the best renovation and improvement contractors. Our renovation contractors will go the extra mile to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.

Quality Oriented Approach

For our team, no job is big or small. We take over every project and deliver high quality finished results. Our home renovation contractors have got the expertise and the experience for all types of projects of remodeling and home renovations Toronto.

Whatever the need of our client may be we deliver the finished project as per the expectations of our client. Our renovation contractors believe in providing the best quality materials in every project. Our quality oriented approach has helped us to grow even more by having positive testimonials. We have been renovation contractor by choice by several past clients. The high-quality work and exceptional services we had left behind has enabled us to extend our business.

High quality materials

The materials which we use in our projects have been sourced from our reliable manufacturers and suppliers. We involve our client recommendation as well in finalizing the materials for the project. From the initial stages of the project, our contractors ensure that all the procedures are being followed as per the requirements. For the smooth completion, our team monitors the progress at every step to avoid redoing the job.

Efficient cost management skills

Maintaining the costs during the project is another very important factor in our renovation contractors. They monitor and evaluate the costs and ensure the completion of the project under the budget.

Our team is flexible enough to accept the demand of certain changes by the client. They provide them the most appropriate and suitable suggestions for the doable changes in the project. No matter what you’re renovation and remodeling plans might be, we ensure our clients to deliver the finished project on time and under the budget.

Equipment and technology

The equipment and technology that we use in our project are the latest and up-to-date. Our team has always tried their best to keep pace with the modern world. This includes state-of-the art equipment and machinery. We use advanced software and technology in the construction designs to provide the most efficient and best end results for our clients. We know the importance and value to integrate modern technologies in our construction project. Our team is always ready to help clients move in the future with their construction projects.

We are committed to safety

One of the most important factors in any construction project is to ensure the safety of the construction team. All of the construction projects require the use of heavy machinery and equipment, which requires extreme caution while using them. Construction jobs are considered some of the most dangerous among other jobs.

At ALASYA CONSTRUCTION our commitment to the safety of our team is our main priority. It is important for any good and leading construction company to be extremely cautious of the safety and security of their workforce. We go the extra mile to make sure that each and every member of our team is safe and sound on the construction site.

Make right choices

We can understand any project of renovation and remodeling requires a good financial investment. For the investment worth every penny of the construction jobs, it is important to select the right construction company.

When you hire the services of ALASYA CONSTRUCTION you can be sure that your project is in good hands. Our aim is to achieve 100 percent satisfaction of our clients and to deliver as per their requirements. You have to make sure that the construction company that you are going to hire should have the knowledge, experience and the required tools to provide the quality you want.

Contact ALASYA CONSTRUCTION today and we will help you with all your renovation and remodeling needs.  We provide you with the best and professional services with an affordable budget.